Queen’s speech

I started the Queendom of Fife

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to give creative women who are working hard on their chosen career a chance to promote their work.

But from speaking to some of you out there, I quickly started to realise that the Queendom could be so much more.

It could be our chance to be part of something positive and uplifting. For you, about you.

A celebration of all that we are.

All too often, especially in the media, women are portrayed as in competition, as rivals, or categorised by how they look.

It’s time to change that story because we all know that’s not how it is.

In the Queendom, we lift each other up, give each other a chance to shine and offer our skills to empower those who need us.

But we also recognise the importance of our own wellness, mental and physical health. The Queendom promotes self care, me time and keeping ourselves charged up, especially since we all have so many different roles and hats to wear in life.

I’ve designed the Queendom of Fife website to be a place you can go to read about women who have stories that will inspire you.

I look forward to the next step of the journey and thank the Queens who have already given me the great honour of sharing the stories of their lives.

And you’ll find my take on my life in the Queen of Blogs section!

Until next time…Long live the Queendom,


Cara (editor of the Queendom of Fife, mum, blogger, yoga obsessed, lover of cake)

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