Local lockdown heroes

I’ve had an idea.

You know how we all love standing up, clapping and cheering for our NHS heroes and the amazing key workers keeping our country going?

It’s become a Thursday night tradition in lockdown – and rightly so.

I’ve loved seeing all the videos, hearing the people in my street and getting the chance to appreciate those who are working so hard for us.

I wanted to do something for them as well, maybe a small thing, but the chance to make a difference and show them we are all behind them.

Would you like to add your name to my roll call of local people paying tribute?

Whether it’s a general thanks to everyone in the NHS or key workers in your local shop, to a specific person, loved one or friend. Let’s show some love and appreciation.

Complete the form below and I will set up a list on the site – and it can be another way for our local lockdown heroes to know we care.

Thanks for taking part, Cara x

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