Fife Women Rock 2019

Yes we do!

And to celebrate that Annie from Im-perfect Posse and Cara from the Queendom of Fife have teamed up to host a night to celebrate fabulous women from our community.

This ticket-only prestigious awards night will be held at the Harbour View in Kinghorn on Thursday 12th September and will showcase some of the amazing women from around Fife.

As well as giving a chance for fabulous women to shine, we want to raise money for local causes too so a percentage of the ticket sales will be donated to charity.

As well as awards for women in business, there will also be awards for women making a difference or overcoming adversity in the community.

And here’s where you can help…by nominating women for the following categories:

Business Awards

  • Businesswoman of the year
  • Young businesswoman of the year
  • New businesswomen of the year
  • Caring business of the year

Community Awards

  • Volunteer of the year
  • Queen of Kindness award
  • Young woman of the Year

How do I nominate?

It’s easy…fill out the form below.

Simply tell us your name and email address and then who you would like to nominate and for which award in the box below.

You are not limited to one nomination – so nominate as many people you like for as many of the awards as you like!

Thank you and happy voting!