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Two out of 3 aint bad

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After my cracking first month on the programme, I raced into week 5 of my fitness and eating regime with Trinity Transformations thinking I had it all sussed.

I’m beginning to track my food intake as a matter of routine now, it is feeling a lot more natural and part of my day to day things I do.

I am meditating daily and my head feels clearer and I’m more organised and am planning the week well. Or so I think.

Here comes the curve

I hit a curve ball when I have to complete an urgent piece of work and feel tired and worn out after a day in front of the laptop – resulting in me missing a mid-week workout. 

I like to do things right and complete the tasks – once a swot, always a swot – so it bothers me that I won’t get perfect scores this week.

But then, after a bit of beating myself up, I write it down and unpick it a bit in a Thought Transformer.

These are the daily journaling exercises I have to complete as part of the programme – and it’s a gift for turning your mindset around.

I ask myself, what about instead of beating myself up I give myself credit for doing two workouts and delve a bit deeper into whether or not I can be more adaptable in my programme to accommodate changes that crop up.

Get back on the waggon

After all, life is going to do that, isn’t it? And isn’t it better I did 2 workouts rather than no workouts?

I realise my learning for this week is it’s ok to fall off the waggon as long as you get back on it again as soon as you can! It will happen eventually, it’s just not the end of the world. 

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