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Week 8 in my Trinity Transformations journey – and it’s the all important measuring week!

Every 4 weeks, Rob my Trinity Coach asks that I submit a progress report and updated information and measurements.

It’s a really good way of tracking the progress and how you’re getting on with the programme.

In the last 8 weeks, I’ve made a couple of new friends – bananas and high quality chocolate.

I’m feeling more energised and I know I feel stronger – but when I step on the scale…disaster.

I haven’t dropped any weight since my last one 4 weeks ago.

Talk about despondent.

Rob to the rescue

I email Rob in a bit of a panic – please don’t tell me all my effort isn’t doing any good?

He gets back to me quickly and reassures me. He checks my calorie tracking, recommends a stricter policy on weighing and measuring and adjusts my calorie level for the next couple of weeks.

Above all, he’s supportive. All is not lost he says. Keep going, you’re doing great.

Measuring success

Measuring day arrives, and given my disappointment at my lack of weight loss, it’s safe to say I’m not relishing the thought of it.

But I’ve committed to the programme and I want to see it through, so I get busy.

I record my measurements and compare them to last month and since the start 8 weeks ago.

Well, well….

Since I began with Trinity I am surprised, but delighted to learn I’ve lost a total of 10 and a half inches!

What? Yes! When I compare my before and now pictures I can see my waist coming back, I can see my legs getting more definition, I can see my bum is pert(er).

And it makes me wonder…why am I so hung up on the scales anyway? The results are there to see.

I feel very proud.

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