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Week 7 of my lockdown diet and fitness makeover with Trinity Transformations – and I’ve learned that it’s ok not to be perfect.

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In my work and in life I have always been striving for perfection.

And often, it results in me beating myself up regularly when I fall short of the mark. And I regularly fall short of the mark!

In this new regime, my “failure” as I see it is when I can’t – for whatever reason – hit 3 workouts a week.

How the hell can’t you work out 3 times a week in lockdown, it’s not like you’re going anywhere?

Well, actually – I’m working two jobs and am up against deadlines all the time. Which means unfortunately sometimes one or two of my workouts are missed.

Rob, my Trinity coach, put it all into perspective for me though – as part of the process each week Trinity provides short videos to watch on topics that help you get through and understand what’s going on.

They also delve into why perhaps in the past you’ve not been able to find a way to sustain weight loss and fitness.

My issue is perfection – it’s all of nothing, pass or fail.

But just because you miss a workout one day doesn’t make it a complete right off.

Talk about a lightbulb moment! I wonder how I’ll progress with this new mindset – especially since next week is results week for the second month on the programme!

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