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Going bananas

Week 6 of my lockdown lifestyle change – read all about how I’m getting on with my exercise and eating regime, working with Trinity Transformations.

Eating is not cheating

Bananas are my friend. It’s no secret I have a sweet tooth. I mean, I’m the girl who was eating half a packet of chocolate digestives a night just 6 short weeks ago!

So, I’m always on the lookout for treats.

Previously when I’ve tried other weight loss/healthy eating plans I’ve always felt deprived. 

“I can’t have this, I won’t be able to eat that” Not so.

Ditch the digestives?

Trinity doesn’t ban any foods but they do teach you a lot about nutrition and what it means for your training and weight loss. 

And you start to figure out when you’re tracking that you’d rather have more on your plate at mealtimes than 4 biscuits. Your priorities definitely change when you’re off the sugar rush cycle!

But you can still have sweet things. I wouldn’t cope without a dessert or treat quite honestly. But I can say hand on heart I haven’t eaten a fraction of the rubbish – like chocolate biscuits, bars of chocolate or fat and calorie laden desserts.

Instead I’m enjoying finding new ways to have healthier options.

And the humble banana is now my best friend, I discovered by accident this week that I am more ingenious in the food department than I give myself credit for.

My new favourite dessert? A mashed up banana, top with a few squares of high quality dark chocolate and heated in the microwave so the chocolate melts all over it.

Bliss. AND (thank you Asda) I’ve discovered they make a lower calorie Birthday Cake flavour ice cream. So if I have the calories left in my allowance, I pop a wee spoonful of that on the top.

Life is good when you have dessert! 

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