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Wobbles and weebles – week 2

After getting fed up with my growing waistline in lockdown, I signed up for a 12 week Fit Over 40 plan with Trinity Transformation.

Week 2 brings a bit of a challenge for me – cutting out foods with wheat and sugar, all dairy and perhaps worst of all…alcohol!

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Six days of hell?

6 days. I start to wonder if it’s going to be the longest 6 of my life!

Lockdown gave me an excuse to eat badly and I was telling myself eating healthy wasn’t possible during a time like this.

So, I started the week somewhat sceptical, almost prepared to fail but still with a commitment to giving it a go.

Making a list

I’m a list maker by nature so I always find it’s easier to hold myself accountable when I write stuff down. The app equivalent of that process is My Fitness Pal, which Rob my Trinity coach suggested I download. 

It’s really easy to use and I start by tracking the food I eat to get used to it before Rob sets my calorie targets, which will come into force next week.

The great thing about Trinity is it’s made for lockdown. All the short information videos are online, the workouts with Rob are online, the podcasts, blogs and resources are online and the support group filled with other members of the Trinity tribe is also online too.

I’m so bored

Despite all of that – I discover early on the word for the week in my head is boring.

Breakfast changes from sugary Apple and Blueberry flavoured porridge to boring old plain porridge.

Lunch becomes a plain, boring baked potato and chicken.

Tea is boring without creamy sauces or big plates of pasta.

Snacks are boring without biscuits.

Hitting the wall

By Wednesday, day 3 of the 6, I’ve hit the wall. Bored, boring, boringness.

But then I have a light bulb moment, I’m doing this to myself.

I’m making this worse for myself by having a bad attitude and, to be honest, I’m missing the energy I’ve come to rely on sugar for. 

I decide if I’m going to make it, I need to ditch the “boring” though.

So, I decide to get on with it and start enjoying what I can add instead of what I’ve lost.

I add fresh blueberries to my porridge and it becomes instantly more flavoursome.

I add tomatoes to my lunch and pack my plate with colourful, pepper, carrots and spinach.

I add passatta and veg together to make sauces to enjoy with chicken and meat. I make home-made chips (easy, even I can do it), onion rings and stir-fried veggies to burgers. I enjoy rice instead of gluten-loaded pasta.

And by day 6, it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost anything. Well, apart from the feeling of being bloated and the dip after the sugar rush. No loss at all really!

My skin is better, my clothes feel a little looser and my energy has returned.

I couldn’t cut out all of these food groups long term and I wouldn’t want to. But it can be done, even in lockdown and I look forward to the week ahead. 

Turns out when you have to use your brain and not reach for rubbish, it’s not boring, it’s braw.

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