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Getting in the zone

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Meditation brings me peace and clarity. It helps rid my head of all the clutter and noise I can get when my stress levels rise.

But I’ve heard many folk say that they “just can’t get into it.”

So how do you get into the zone?

I asked Donna Edmiston, to give me her top three tips for beginners.

Get comfy

Find a comfortable space where you wont be disturbed, get comfortable in whatever position works for you.

Sometimes I sit cross legged and other times I lie flat on the floor with a pillow.

There is no right or wrong. What feels right for you is perfect.


Do not expect your mind to go quiet.

As soon as you demand your mind to stop thinking it will get ten times louder.

It’s like saying “do not imagine a pink elephant.”

Straight away you can’t help but imagine exactly that.

Let your thoughts come and go.

Eventually, through practice it will go quiet.

Expect resistance

Expect some discomfort.

The mind and body will often resist being tamed and feel stressed or bored or doubt anything is happening.

This is ok.

Again through time and discipline it will become much easier and you will get to the point you need to meditate.

Donna has made it her business to help you believe in yourself. Fully trained in NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching, she has created her own tribe with her group Girl on the Inside sharing tips and techniques to transform your self belief.

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