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Anxiety toolkit – part 2

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In this second part of the serialisation of her Anxiety Toolkit Amy Solon, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and coach who helps people overcome stress and anxiety, talks about emotions.

If you missed the first instalment, you can catch up here.

We are living in very unusual circumstances.

We are social animals who have been asked to limit our social contact for the time being.

This is weird for us.

Emotions are ok

We are a society who like to hug and kiss; to reach out to each other physically.

Limiting our contact with the outside world is likely to awaken emotions of fear, anger, sadness and frustration (amongst others) in us.

It’s completely natural.

Label them

It is good to label your emotions.

Acknowledge that you are feeling sad.

Or angry.

Or bored.

It might not take your emotions away, but it will help you to perceive them more concretely.

This takes us nicely onto the next tool for your toolkit…

It’s good to talk

Talk to others about how you are feeling.

You may find that it helps to speak to others who are experiencing similar emotions.

It also may be helpful to hear how others express these emotions that you too are experiencing.

It puts things into perspective.

Talking is good. Listening is as important.

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