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Our local heroes

Thank you to everyone who has nominated a local lockdown hero.

It has been amazing to read the reasons along with the emails, people, community and kindness are making SUCH a difference as we all live through these uncertain times.

If you would like to take part, you can nominate your hero here.

Here’s our nominations…

Amy Solon nominates: “The shop workers who keep smiles on their faces and do such a great job maintaining some sense of normal for us.

For the NHS workers who are fighting night and day for our community. For the school staff who are touching in with mine and many other families weekly. Again, keeping that sense of ‘new normal’ for our children. Gosh, I could go on. Thank you all of you.

Some of you may have signed up to literally save lives. But most of you will not have. But you are keeping us going. And for that, thank you.”

Cara Forrester nominated her friend Maggie Downie

Fiona Keetings nominated Nicola White

Maggie Downie nominated her daughter Chloe Adam

Pamela Aitcheson: “All the front line workers in NHS, carers, shop workers, bus drivers…

All putting themselves at extra risk so the rest of us can be safer.”

Leanne Scott nominated Lorna Albrock

Jackie Arreaza nominated: “The physiotherapists working in the ICU at Victoria Hospital”

Lynsey Carr: “All key workers doing an amazing job.”

Siobhan Mercer nominated Karen Dorrat

Lynne Scott nominated Marilyn Rennie

Peter Menellis nominated: “All our Local NHS and Keyworker Staff”

Mary Watt: “My daughter in law Clare, she is a carer.”

Lorraine McDonald nominated Bernice Maccallum

Jenni Rigby: “To thank all the amazing NHS staff, especially my awesome brave and humble friends.”

Betsy Wojcik nominated: “The fabulous people who look after the residents (including my Dad) of Marchmont Care Home.

Heather Stuart nominated: “All our shop workers.”

Rhona Crisp: “All my friends and, relatives and neighbours who work throughout the NHS and for everyone working to support the country at this time.”

Tracy Logan: “My gorgeous daughter Hannah Logan who is a social care worker. So very proud of her xxxx”

Lorraine Anderson nominated: ” The staff of West Fife Community Support Service.”

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