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Byam and Tom’s Super Meals

Tom and Byam are pictures (all pics Caroline Trotter Photography)

Coronavirus has been devastating for people and businesses all over the world, and it’s only just begun. 

Byam Trotter, owner of Trotter’s Independent Condiments, has teamed up with local caterer and private chef, Tom Davidson, from Wylie & Wood to help. 

Together, they have been sourcing fresh, local produce and creating delicious meals, going into production on Monday 6th April 2020. 

They have been using Byam’s industrial kitchen in Kirkcaldy, usually used for producing chutneys, to produce high-quality ready meals instead.

Byam said: “Our motivation is to help those in need and the only way we can do this effectively is by charging those who have the ability to pay and subsidise food for those who can pay less, or not at all.

 “People will be able to order fresh, healthy meals for themselves, while simultaneously supporting those in need.”

Cottage industry

Byam and Tom donated the entire first batch of Super Meals to The Cottage Family Centre, a Kirkcaldy charity that helps vulnerable families most in need in the community. 

Going forward, they will be donating one meal for every three they sell and have teamed up with charity partner Fair Share, the UKs national network of charitable food redistributors.

 When ordering, you will also be given the option to pay for additional meals, which will be donated to a local charity or food bank. 

There is no limit to the amount of meals you can choose to donate.

There will be a meat option, vegetarian and, if supply permits, a fish option too.

The menu will change each week depending on the local produce available and menus will be available to view online.

Week beginning Monday 6thApril 2020 for example, a Puddledub Sausage Hot Pot and a delicious Vegetable Moussaka will be available.

Meals will arrive chilled and can be cooked immediately or frozen on day of delivery.

Following guidance

The team is also taking every health and safety precaution. 

As a Food manufacturer adhering to the SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) guidelines the health and safety policy already forbids access to the kitchen if showing any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. 

The team are diligently following Government guidelines and are regularly monitoring and keeping a record of their own temperatures. 

Contactless pickup and delivery ensures minimal social contact while helping people receive the food they need. 

Byam added: “It’s more important than ever before to care for people now the country is in lockdown. 

“By delivering nutritious meals made from local ingredients, we aim to feed everyone – whether they can afford it or not. 

“By working with local suppliers, who have seen a sharp fall in their business since restaurants and pubs have closed,

we can ensure the food you get is fresh and locally sourced, also allowing these local businesses to remain afloat, all while helping those in need.

“I’m also delighted to say we’ve had the support of Raith Fruits, who have donating the ingredients for the first batch and helping with deliveries.

“We’re Game, a Kirkcaldy based sporting merchant, has also pitched in and was a tremendous help bringing local produce to the forefront of our project. They would encourage anyone in the local area with a license to get in touch with them.”


Order the meals online or call  07712339275.

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