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A Gratitude Attitude

Times are hard for many. And sometimes it can be really difficult to see the positive in amongst all the news at the moment can’t it?

So I asked Dr Sarah Madigan how she practices gratitude, a practice that many people use to focus on the things in life that bring joy.

At this moment in time, finding ways to protect hope and positivity are more important than ever before aren’t they?

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The power of a ‘gratitude attitude’

I’m here to talk to you about the transformational and magical power of daily gratitude.

In the past, I don’t think I honestly tuned into ONE thing I felt grateful for, for weeks on end sometimes. I didn’t allow myself to soak up the GLORIOUS vibrations of gratitude.

My spirit was not alive

Does this sound familiar?

Making a change

That feels like a lifetime ago for me now.

Sometimes I write down like 25 things from that day that I’m grateful for. It might look like this;

  • Waking up in a comfy bed
  • My amazing healthy body
  • Living by the sea
  • Hot water
  • My husband
  • Feeling safe
  • Having an amazing high vibe community of people (The little volcanos, check them out)
  • Crumpets

And on the days when I don’t write things down I drift off to sleep thinking about all the things from that day that I feel grateful for. There are always so many when you take the time to reflect.

What a delight to linger on these things.

It changes your brain

It makes you happier.

Research also shows that gratitude practice impacts on our health, relationships, wellbeing, enjoyment etc.

And to top it all off, the more you focus on the JOY and on what you want the more JOY and the more of what you want you attract.

Gratitude in lockdown

Try these different methods;

Write a letter or send a text to a loved one expressing your love and gratitude for them

Start journalling! On a daily or weekly basis take a note of all of the things (big and small) that you are grateful for

Meditate! Try gratitude meditation. My favourite is by Sarah Blondin, ‘honouring life’ – Google it!

I have started a weekly Joy Club which induces a Zoom call on Tuesday evenings at 5.30 pm – for details on how to join in, have a look at my Facebook page.

Dr. Sarah Madigan is clinical psychologist, transformational coach and author and presenter for Wellbeing Radio.

She is also a motivational coach and Nia dance teacher.

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