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Queendom Kindness charter

It’s time for change.

Recent events, like the tragic suicide of Caroline Flack, have really affected me.

It made me realise that as someone who publishes online, I have a duty to call for action.

I know the vast majority of people online – and certainly in the Queendom – show kindness, respect and love online and in comments on social media.

But I wanted to solidify that, to give no uncertainty about where I stand on the issue of kindness.

So, I talked to my good friend and Queendom columnist Lisa May Young and we have developed, in collaboration, a Queendom Kindness charter.

I want it to be the rules of a new chapter – The Queens of Kindness Club.

I want it to be something you sign up and pledge your support to.

If you agree – sign up using the form below.

And everyone who does, I will feature in the new Queens of Kindness Club page – coming soon!

Who is with me? Do you agree we need change? If so, sign up to the Queendom Kindness Charter below.

The Queens of Kindness charter:

  • I am pledging my support to take a stand against online bullying and trolling
  • I won’t feed into negative stories on social media or online by sharing or making adverse comments about others
  • I choose to celebrate and acknowledge the unique gifts of others
  • I choose to treat others with respect and honesty – even when their opinion differs from mine

Our promises to you:

By pledging support for the Charter you will be joining the Queens of Kindness Club and your name will be published in the online roll of honour. If you don’t wish to have your name published, please use the message box to let us know you want to opt out.
We will not share any of your personal information with third parties for any reason.

We will only use your contact details to communicate with you about the Queens of Kindness Club and the Queendom Kindness Charter.

If you wish to remove your name at any time you can do so by emailing queendomoffife@gmail.com

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  1. Thank you for taking this stand and bringing us together in kindness. Thank you for recognising that we are stronger together. Thank you for encouraging us to build each other up and not tear each other down. Thank you for understanding the personal and professional damage that bullying, backstabbing and bitching does. I am honoured to take this pledge and stand in solidarity with all those who do the same.

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