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It’s all about YOU

It’s been an incredibly stressful and worrying time for everyone hasn’t it?

It got me to thinking…I wonder if there’s simple things we could do every day to get into the habit of prioritising ourselves through all of the uncertainty we face.

So I asked one of my Queens of Business Donna Edmiston for her top tips to putting yourself first and making time for YOU.

You are enough

Write on your mirror – or somewhere you will see every day – that ‘you are enough’ say it out loud then start to add in a reason for being enough each time.

It seems strange at first but really works.

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Do something just for you

Do something nice for yourself.

Whether it’s to have a nice bath, buy yourself a new lipstick or just allow yourself time to watch a movie without feeling guilty, it’s important to do this at least once a week.

Treat yourself right!

Put your makeup on, do your hair and get dressed up now and again.

It does wonders for your confidence and makes you feel good.

You’ll walk taller, smile more and interract with more people when you feel good in yourself.

Learn more about Donna and my other Queens of Business here.

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