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From the Baftas to the Beath

This year, celebs on the award circuit have been asked to rewear outfits and choose vintage or pre-loved clothes in a bid to be more sustainable.

But, you don’t need a red carpet to show off great style. In fact, Carolina Luciano from Style with Intention tells the Queendom how a trip to Cowdenbeath brought A-list glamour.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

Making the choice

In the last decade or so, I have turned to buying second-hand clothing-not just out of financial necessity, but out of choice.

Whether it’s preloved/second hand/re-worn/vintage, I’m converted, but it’s certainly not a new fashion concept.

Throughout history, wedding and christening gowns were usually passed down generations and they became family heirlooms.

Show them who you are

Clothing and what you wear is a way to show the world who you are, what you feel and what you believe.

The way you wear your clothes can be viewed as self-expression and a method of non verbal communication. Clothes have a real social value. They have the ability to tell a story and they can really evoke strong and specific memories too.

When my dad died suddenly in Sept 2017, my mother mentioned about burying him in the suit he wore to my wedding.

My aunt suggested keeping the suit and maybe one day my son might wear it.

Personally, I loved the idea that one of my sons might actually like it and also need it for that first interview or any other formal event.

This year, celebrities and guests have been invited to dress sustainably at some awards ceremonies.

With this in mind, I was sent on a mission to find a suitable outfit for the Baftas in a local charity shop in Cowdenbeath . 

The dress I found was in Cancer Research on the High Street in Cowdenbeath.

I knew it had a designer label and when I researched it- I was right!-it cost me £5 and I found the clutch too for £2. I have added heels, hair-band and some accessories in the picture.

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