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By Queendom of Fife columnist Lisa May Young. Lisa wrote this column before the lockdown. Re-reading it left me feeling how much we took life before lockdown for granted. So I’ve decided to leave it here, as a tribute to the local businesses affected, as a way of saying we will support you in any way we can – now and in the future.

I like a coffee in the morning.

In retrospect, this adult routine is sparked by childhood memories.  My Dad would stand and drink a coffee while looking out of the kitchen window before he went to work taking a brief moment before starting his day.

I enjoy the process.  The act of putting a spoonful in a cup, waiting for the water to boil and adding milk and sugar to taste before you take the first highly anticipated and delicious sip of the day.   It’s one of the few moments in life where I gleefully and fully embrace being. 

Most mornings before work, I visit a café on Kirkcaldy High Street. It started with the need for a warm refreshment on a chilly day and soon it became a ritual essential to my self-care. The hour I spent became my quiet time, when I sat, wrote and planned, lingering and taking a moment for myself. Now, it’s such an embedded routine, I’ve been jokingly dubbed ‘The Queen of Coffee Shops’.

Through time this routine has become so much more, as I realised I had stumbled onto something unexpected.  Cafes on Kirkcaldy High Street are filled with a plethora of community. 

 You see the same folk most days at the same time. Everyone tends to have a favourite seat and a favourite brew.  This is where I have witnessed kindness, acceptance and full-on your body is shaking laughter.

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If I miss a morning, I am asked where I have been.  I have seen a café owner fuss over a customer crossing the icy road outside and her smile at his caring.  I have been teased into a giggle when it seemed impossible.  I have shared my most celebrated moments to a hug and a cheer.  And I’ve seen an entire coffee shop galvanise at the sight of a Traffic Warden lingering at a car and working together to get the owner back to the car in time to avoid a ticket.

In short, I have seen the very best of people within the Kirkcaldy High Street community.   Yes, we have challenges to face, as our landscape changes from the traditional department stores to the unique experiences offered by our independent retailers.  However, where we are unmatched is in our community spirit and our desire to collaborate and make it happen for our town.  

Think of a typical conversation with another Fifer.

“I need to find out about..”

“Do you ken….”

You will never not get help from a fellow Fifer when you ask for it and that’s our secret and I, for one, can’t wait to see what the future holds.  The Love Oor Lang Touncampaign from Queendom of Fife celebrates this and so much more.

And, this so-called ‘Queen of the Coffee Shops’ a proud member of our Kirkcaldy community, won’t be changing her routine any time soon.  See you in the morning, mine’s a flat white. 

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