Love You

The heart healer

Bringing women together is something Alison Strandberg loves to do.

She runs Alison Strandberg Holistic Therapies and tells the Queendom in this Love You month Advertising Feature, how connection can help self-love.

As an intuitive practitioner the most important part of  my work is helping a client to find peace and harmony.

I have been termed a “heart healer” and my work is based on finding ways for clients to begin to love themselves and thus facilitate deep and permanent healing.

I run regular workshops for women by the name Orange Tent Sisters.

My motive for starting this was to bring women together in a spiritual environment where they would find a safe space to open up, share, laugh and cry together.

The workshops are woven around the principals of shamanism and the connection to the earth and the Divine Feminine. 

The workshop for February is Self-Love, as traditionally, February is a month about love in partnerships.

I thought it important to focus on self-love as not everyone takes part in Valentine’s Day, but they can take part in loving themselves every day.

Find out more on Alison’s website.

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