Love You

Self-love super boost

Think positive.

Stop worrying.

Ditch the guilt.

Easier said than done isn’t it?  

How many times have you tried…and failed.

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You’ve tried the self-help books, the short-term fixes, the holidays, the nights out.

Anything you could to give you a much-needed boost.

But it didn’t give you that boost you needed and didn’t make you love yourself.

And now you feel worse, feel more shame and more guilt.

And it’s also left you unsure what to do or where to go for help. Candice Wilson, Transformational Life Coach explains, you need a super boost of self-love and that’s what she’s offering during the month of February.

My 28-day Self-Love Super Boost is an online programme that will give you help and support transform your thinking and your life.

The programme will launch on February 2nd and you’ll get:

  • A weekly workbook 
  • 2 live sessions a week – on themes including Loving your Home and Work Environment, Loving your Body, Loving your Mindset and Loving your Lifestyle.
  • Weekly meditations by licensed Heal Your Life Coach Rae Walker
  • Weekly Personalised Energy Healing, also known as Silent Counselling, sessions with Candice Wilson

All for just £99 – but wait, for Queendom members Candice is offering this package for HALF PRICE!

Wonder if this programme is for you? 

Are you ready to learn -: 

– How to find PEACE and HAPPINESS within yourself 

– How to increase your confidence and self-worth to be able to say NO when you mean no and YES when you mean YES 

– How to feel good and look great 

– How to raise your vibrations using energy healing 

– How to turn your DREAMS into REALITY 

– How to create a LOVING environment 

– How to treat your Body with LOVE including tips on managing menopause

– How to have a healthy relationship with your mind 

– Enjoy a loving lifestyle 

Ready to start? Book your place now by getting in touch through Facebook.

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