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On a mission!

Fife woman Alvina Menzies is on a mission to help…find out all about her amazing work below.

Love You month Advertising Feature

My mission is to help individuals, young adults, small businesses & entrepreneurs to love themselves by enhancing self care techniques, building resilience and ultimately empowering personal and professional growth. 

I aim to do this by providing person centred guidance, support, inspiration and accountability through one to one consultations, workshops and events. 

Through all of these activities my main goal is to have a social impact in everything that I do.

One of the ways I aim to do that this year is through my project to help 200 young people love themselves.

It’s also the reason for opening a health & wellbeing hub in Cupar last March called Enlighten.

Enlighten is a non-profit space to rent to provide the community with access to events and activities promoting positive mental health & opportunities to find out about many different ways to love themselves.

Find out more online or on Instagram.

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