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Having issues with your skin can affect confidence can’t it?

Here Shona Dunn from SD Cosmetics explains how her skills make a difference.

Creating the natural look

I specialise in creating a natural look in cosmetic tattooing and advanced skin therapy.

I absolutely love my job and my clients and have been in this industry for 20 years!

I am extremely passionate about my clients and I love how my treatments help people feel good, I love when clients learn to love the skin they are in when we show them how to get the healthiest skin ever.

Or when a client tells me how much having their eyebrows tattooed has boosted their confidence.

Raising an eyebrow!

Many women come to me with very little or no eyebrows at all.

People don’t realise the impact this can have on someone’s day to day life.

It is just like having a natural look brow tattooed can have a huge positive effect and really improve a client’s self image as can improving the health of your skin. 

As women we tend to always put everyone else first whether it’s the kids or the house or work etc.

We can sometimes neglect our own needs and even feel a bit guilty if we have a skin treatment or our eyebrows done.

But it’s so important to love ourselves and look after our wellbeing too and that’s where we love to help!

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