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Oscar Wilde said, “The best love story is the one you have with yourself.”

So in the month of lurve…… about giving yourself a big dose of the action? Pippa Elwood talks about how she can help you.

What might happen if you weren’t so hard on yourself and you started loving yourself a wee bit?

After all you’re the one person you’ll never get rid of? 

Imagine cutting yourself some slack and swapping “I’m not enough” for “I’ve got this!”

Imagine being…..

  • Less of a people pleaser and more confident?
  • Less of an overthinker and more clear on what you want from life?
  • Less bothered about what you believe people think and more focussed on cold hard facts?

I can help you work out what you want, find balance and self belief and ditch that crappy inner voice – I’ve been there.

Now if I hear “she totally loves herself!” I say to myself…damn right!

121 coaching F2F/Video call – 2 x 1hr £99

Banter, friendliness, a smidge of swearing and warm welcome guaranteed!

Have a nose on my Facebook page – you’ll find client feedback, videos and general chat to help you decide if you want to swipe right for your ideal coaching partner!

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