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A good sign

Layla Cooke captured my attention when she used her Facebook page to promote British Sign Language (BSL), signing along to a Lewis Capaldi song.

And she didn’t just land on the Queendom’s radar, local and national media, as well as Lewis sat up and took notice with the singer even inviting her to meet him and teach him how to sign!

For the Fife lass, who is moderately deaf in both ears, that was just the start.

Her mum Suzy told the Queendom she’s continuing to be an inspirational young lady and using her talents to help others.

The power of social media

Layla started her Facebook and Twitter page as a project, combining her love of music and signing. She started sign language class in 2018 and loves to help others learn it too and thought the best way to help people learn was through social media platforms. That way, anyone who is wanting to learn can learn basics for free. 

Star power

Layla has a few highlights already – she taught Lewis Capaldi how to sign “Happy Birthday” on her birthday and received gifts from him, in fact, she has met him twice now.

Well-known group The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have also asked her to join them on three shows, one in Dundee and two in Dunfermline.

She also won an outstanding achievement award last year from Enable Scotland and was given a motion of congratulations from the Scottish Parliament.

Layla also loves that she has famous followers on Twitter and is happy that she inspires others.  

Top of the class

Layla is petitioning for an interpreter at every concert and is also for BSL to be taught in schools.

She will also be starting her social media signing classes in February.

They will be donation only sessions for age 13+ where Layla will help people to learn signs to well-known songs. Anyone who wants more information can go to her Facebook or Twitter sites.

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  1. Layla is an amazing young lady who definitely deserves the Queendom of Fife for all her work in raising awareness about inclusive communication and sharing her joy of singing and signing!

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