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I think we all know a queen who is super busy looking after everyone else, but doesn’t have time, energy or, funds, to look after themselves.

That’s why we are organising the Queendom of Kindness Luxury Giveaway.

Packed full of gifts and vouchers donated from businesses all over Fife, all with the express purpose of lavishing kindness, love and luxury on a Queen who really deserves a boost. 

We need your help to make sure these gifts go to someone who really needs them, so please nominate below.

The winner will be chosen by a specially selected judging panel, who will be making the choice based on who could benefit from it the most.

We will give priority to those on low incomes, as well as those who have had a particularly rough time recently and could really do with some extra care and kindness.  

So, spread the word, spread the love – our Valentine’s month of care and kindness is here! 

Our Queendom of Kindness Luxury Giveaway prize includes: 

Enter your Queen below!

Why would you like your loved one to be considered for the giveaway? 
Please tell us why they could do with a bit of extra kindness right now, without sharing overly private information that would make your nominee uncomfortable. Nominations close 29 February 12 noon.

Your privacy matters to us. Below you will find the privacy steps we will take and what we want you to know about this specific competition.

By entering this competition you are agreeing:
Not to include any names or contact details in the “Reason for nomination” section 

That the judges decision is final.

That we may contact you to discuss the competition.

That we will ask you to contact the person you nominated to inform them that they have been entered and allow them to opt out of the competition.

Our promises to you:
We will not share any of your personal contact information with third parties for any reason.

We will only use your contact details to communicate with you about the competition, and not for marketing purposes. Your details will only be kept until the closing date of the competition and then disposed of.

The information you disclose about the nominee will be anonymised before being shared for judging purposes. 

All entries will be anonymised before being sent to a select group* to ensure that they meet basic entry criteria and to agree on a shortlist to send for final selection.

The anonymised shortlisted entries will then be sent to an independent panel of judges to choose the winner(s) and runners up. 

*This is currently Carol from the Secret Garden Rooms and Laura from Kind Earth Cro-op, but we may need to enlist volunteers if we receive a large number of entries. Volunteers will be carefully chosen and receive strict guidance about confidentiality and privacy as well as judging criteria. 

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