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Cut the clutter

Are you finding it hard to get the motivation to get rid of the clutter in your house?

The Queendom asked Brenna from B-Swift Outsourcing to give her tips for getting started.

Making a start

It can be difficult to find motivation & get started but why not try these decluttering detox steps for home organising success:

1) Put some music on (the louder & more upbeat the better!)

2) Know your style & what works for you

3) Start small (one area not the whole house – pick a particular problem area!)

4) Grab three containers (black bags or old recycled boxes will do!)

5) Label each of the containers ‘BIN’, ‘DOESN’T BELONG’ & ‘CHARITY/DONATE’

6) Be ruthless, use the Marie Kondo method of asking yourself ‘does this item spark joy?’ & get everything that you don’t love, want or need out of your house ASAP (in the boot of your car ready for a dump run/charity shop drop off)

7) For everything that’s staying put, have fun organising it & making it fit for purpose by breaking it down into little groups

Next steps

Put everything away group by group & make it look pretty not perfect

Hopefully one finished area will give you such a sense of satisfaction & spur you onto the next.

Beware – the reward can send you on a roll – like a rocket around your home!

If you feel like you need a helping hand though, then I can help give you that gentle nudge to kickstart & help you on your organising journey.

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