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How do you exercise when you are well but can’t get out of the house?

Lucy Scott who runs Response Physiotherapy and Pilates – has given me the solution I need.

You can read all about her amazing idea below, one which will become more important than ever with the current situation we all face.

Exercising and enjoyment

I started teaching Pilates because I enjoyed it – it’s a fantastic, whole body exercise that strengthens all the muscle groups and can be adapted for ANY body.

I love that you come out of a class feeling relaxed and like your body has worked out, but you don’t feel exhausted. I’ve been teaching for 8 years now and I started after attending classes taught by a friend. I saw how enjoyable both doing and teaching was, saw there was a need for more classes in my area – and the rest is history.

Fitting around the family

To begin with, I mainly taught in the evenings once my husband was home from work to look after the kids, but normally, I also teach during the day in term time. 

We don’t have any help with childcare so it can get a bit tricky at school holiday times but it all works out in the end! It’s a struggle I know many women have, trying to juggle work and family.

Over the years I’ve built up a loyal following and my classes are really busy now.

But I often saw the women I teach trying really hard to fit everything in and get to class – and sometimes feeling really worn out just trying to get there in the first place!

So, I had a think about how I could offer them something different and I came up with the idea of doing online classes where people can work out when and where they can.

That way, even if the times of the classes don’t suit them, they can’t commit to a block of classes in the studio or they have to skip class for whatever reason, they can still enjoy a class when it’s convenient or when they get that spare bit of time.

That has become an idea that will be more important than ever now.

Being realistic and don’t give up

The key to still making time for exercise, even when life gets busy, is to set realistic goals.

And that’s what I’d advise you to do too, to make sure you still make time for yourself.

Set a realistic goal of how often you want to exercise, if you don’t achieve it one week, just keep trying, don’t give up. The key is to make sure it’s realistic.

For some people that is once a week and then very gradually build it up from there.

My online classes don’t have any minimum membership contract either for that reason and you can pick the duration and level of your workout.

Try it – for free! 

I want people to love pilates as much as I do and to give them a flavour of the online classes, get the basics under their belt and get them started, I’ve uploaded 5 videos to try completely free.

In those videos, I show you how to use your deep tummy muscles, including tips on working your pelvic floor. The next video shows you how to start in the correct comfortable position. 

Then there are two videos with exercises to try, one easy and one harder, so before you sign up to a paid membership, you can see how I teach and if this is going to suit you. 

Finally, there is a 5-minute video just showing you some stretches to do if you are feeling a little stiff.

Try is today and access the videos here: https://www.responsepilates.co.uk/register/free-membership/

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