Queens of Kindness

The kindness keeps on coming…

There’s only two weeks left for the Queendom of Fife’s Christmas campaign but there’s just no stopping all of you!

The last day to hand in collections will be 16th December to give my team of volunteers and I a chance to get the toiletries to the Foodbanks and other charities we are supporting.

The Foodbanks are telling us they’ve never seen anything like it – have a look at some of the pictures from recent collections.

I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has donated. It’s been amazing and has totally been beyond my wildest dreams of what we could collect.

I would really love to thank everyone individually but it’s just not possible!

Individual businesses and organisations who have been Beauty Spot collection points have been handing their bags of donations to Foodbanks and local charities.

I, along with my friend Morag, handed over another 20 bags to Kirkcaldy Foodbank this week and pictured above is the weight of donations handed over to Dunfermline Foodbank too.

A special thank you to Connor Williams (pictured above) who did a reverse advent calendar and donated it to Lochs Cafe, what an amazing young man!

We don’t have much more time to we’ve already made such a difference…here’s what the Foodbanks said:

Chairperson of Kirkcaldy foodbank, Joyce Leggate, said: “The men and women coming to Kirkcaldy Foodbank have been so grateful for the supplies of toiletries that have been provided through the appeal organised by Cara. 

“To see them smile when offered shampoo, deodorant, shower gel and toothbrushes and toothpaste is truly humbling. These are much needed items that we as a foodbank can’t afford to purchase but are so important in improving the self-esteem of those who find themselves turning to the foodbank to get by.  We would also like to thank the many people who have donated so generously to this great cause.”   

Sandra Beveridge, Project Manager of Dunfermline foodbank, added: “Although Dunfermline foodbank mainly concentrates on food distribution, it is nice to offer clients toiletries and beauty products too.  Everyone deserves a treat and a bit of pampering, it all helps towards feeling better about yourself.  We are always very grateful for every donation we get and can’t thank Cara and her team enough for collecting for us.”

Jilly Guild, Project Manager, Glenrothes Foodbank added: “We’re thrilled with the response from the community, so far we have had over 50kg of toiletries donated to us. We often struggle to get enough donations of toiletries. It’s  not always thought of as a necessity however everyone wants to look clean and to be able to brush their teeth. Providing these items are just as important to us as giving a bag of food and we are extremely grateful. Thank you”

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