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Wouldn’t you like to give a gift which improves wellbeing and has the potential to be life changing? Take a look at what’s on offer for the whole family.

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What small steps can you make to take care of your future health?  

Juiceology has it covered as juicing is an amazing and convenient way to help you consume more fruits and veg into your daily diet that you usually wouldn’t eat. It floods your cells with nutrients almost instantly, so it’s nourishing your body from the inside out. You’ll feel rejuvenated, hydrated and energised as they are packed full of essential vitamin and minerals.  It’s the perfect solution to improve your overall health. Oh and not forgetting they taste good!

Did I mention I’m also a fully qualified Juice Therapist? (Yes, there is such a thing!) and fully accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association. I offer 1-1 consultations to help advice and support people to live a healthier lifestyle and introduce them to the power of juice and its many healing benefits.

My Happy Journal

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This beautifully designed children’s positive mind-set and activity journal is overflowing with inspiration to ignite any child’s imagination and gratitude skills.

My Happy Journal is designed to celebrate and savor daily memories, encourage communication and laughter while bringing parents closer to their children.

It has heaps of fun facts and activities and 90 diary entries to complete while embracing mindfulness through moments of calm and a positive mind-set.

A few minutes at bedtime with this journal will give parents a precious peek into the imagination of their little ones as they celebrate everyday joys.

Price: £12.95 Website:

Nicki Pearson Accredited KCR Practitioner

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Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is a series of stretches of mobilisations that aims to put your whole body back into balance. This then has great results on your physical and mental health: –

It can provide relief from chronic pain. Provide relief and often eliminate many existing physical disabilities or discomforts.

It can increase energy levels. It has been shown to improve sports performance and reduce recovery time. I am still blown away by the results and the benefit it provides to people.

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc is an Animal Communicator, Animal Healer and author.  Also a Therapist, and the creator of many self-development programmes including “Create Your Dream Life”, “Chakra Balancing”, “Get Unstuck” and “Medicine Wheel Wisdom”, Sarah-Jane helps women to live their best lives.  The lives they desire – and deserve.

Clients have said many times that Sarah-Jane has a gift for tenderly and lovingly shining light in the darkest of places so that deep emotions can be released and healed with compassion and understanding.  

Sarah-Jane considers her work a privilege—and her calling.  Combining her background in education with 15yrs of client work in the fields of Energy Work, Belief Clearing, Trauma Release, Shamanic Practice and Neuro-Linguistic Work (fancy way to say “Re-Training the brain to think, behave and react differently”), she creates transformational Deep Healing Packages and powerful online courses. 

Sarah-Jane’s work has received much media attention both nationally and internationally.

Maiya’s Light


Maiya’s Light promotes all aspects of wellness for adults and children using a holisitic therapies, (Angel Healing, Reiki, Story Massage, chrystal healing) and handcrafted gemstone jewellery and crafts charged with Angel Healing and Reiki.

I am an Angel Healing and Usui Master Reiki Pratitioner and offer these therapies from my Therapy Studio based in, Markinch, Glenrothes. I have also trained in Positive Touch, Story Massage for Children and can do workshops or 1:1 sessions to show parents or professionals how to do story massage with children. I am also qualified to teach Reiki level 1 and 2 and will be qualified in January 2019 as a Reiki Art Master to teach Reiki Master Level.

Gift vouchers are available for all of my therapies and can be booked through my Facebook page.

And don’t forget our other wellness businesses on this AND this page!

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