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Wouldn’t you like to give a gift which improves wellbeing and has the potential to be life changing? Take a look at what’s on offer for the whole family.

Balance Fife

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It’s a busy and stressful time of year for many people and it’s easy to forget about looking after you.

At Balance Fife you can enjoy the holistic benefits from a Reiki healing or Natural Lift Facial Massage to help you feel relaxed and re-energised. Vouchers are available if you would like to give someone the gift of a treatment.

We are a small business with one therapy room where you will receive a personalised and professional experience. In our front gift shop you will find crystals, gemstone pendants, scarves, cushions and a variety of scented items for your home.

The shop is open all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to Thursday evenings from 4.30 to 6.30pm during December. Book appointments during shop hours, or via Facebook – Balance Fife, email:   Further details are on the website

Claudia Romero Coaching

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Do you want to start a New Year and Decade achieving any goal you can imagine?

Yes, You Can! You Will!

With simply techniques and the S.M.A.R.T.E.R formula you could achieve the goals you set in any area of your life so you can enjoy your life on your terms.

Being part of the “Scoring Goal Club” will help you to create goals that you can achieve, with monthly reviews and accountability to keep you on track. Learn how to create, stick and achieve goals in every aspect, long and short term goals and see how you finally start to get what you wanted.

Receive 25% off of your monthly or annual fee if you book before the 25thof December. Annual Price: £240 (£20 Monthly). For more information go to my Facebook page, Instagram or website.

Alice’s Forever Living



We are proud to be the largest grower and manufacturer of aloe vera in the world, we treat the 50 million plants in our plantations a bit differently.  

Our aloe is nurtured and filleted by hand to delicately extract the inner leaf gel within hours and provide you with the purest freshest aloe vera gel just as nature provided.

Doing things, the right way is the cornerstone of who Forever are and has been for the last 41 years. We do not test our products on animals and many of our products have the kosher and Halal seal of approval.

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. I have made up some lovely gifts with the Forever Living products.  If there is anything that you like that you haven’t seen, then I can order it for you. 

The Divine Hag

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The original and best hypoallergenic botanical room sprays and candles made with love in Scotland.
These products crafted and blended to provide the best of the properties of the essential oils whilst not aggravating conditions such as migraine or asthma.

Blended with female transitions in mind, these products use the natural properties of the essential oils to be helpful for anxiety, study stress, period anxiety and menopause whilst smelling beautiful.
The best selling Bliss Sleep ritual is available for a limited time in a gift pack containing a 50ml pillow spray with a 3 bath bath salt pack and a bliss scented tea light to create a ritual and ease you into sleep.

10,000 Women

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This year I’ve helped lots of amazing women – and received a commendation in the Scottish Parliament! But next year I want to go BIGGER.
I’m going to help 10,000 women become successful in 2020 by building their confidence and self belief via Facebook and events in Fife, Dundee & Edinburgh.

Goal setting live every Sunday night at 8pm GMT, replay will be available all week.

Monthly experts giving advice on everything from weight loss to pilates and organisation.

Monthly online workshops on vision boards, confidence, positive mindset.

40% Discount on my UK retreats & Adventures.

Free and discounted meet ups and events. Only 1 payment of £28.

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