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Everyone’s joining in!

Every week I try and make sure I do a round up of the Queendom’s Christmas campaign.

It’s getting tricky and I get a bit emotional. Why?

I’m genuinely overwhelmed by what’s happening – everyone has really taken the campaign to their hearts and it’s just amazing to see.

Every day, I open my computer up to new messages of support, pictures from local people, new businesses and organisations letting me know they’re taking part…you are all simply AMAZING. I just can’t thank you enough.

Queens of Kindness

This week, because the support has grown so much in such a short time, I enlisted the help of some wonderful volunteers to make sure I can gather the donations and get them to local Foodbanks.

Tracey Walls, Morag Drummond, Zoe Robertson, Beverly Sanaghan, Lynne Harvey and Louise Anderson have all been amazing. I couldn’t have even thought how to do it without your help! Thank you.

From Guides to joggers!

The response from the local community has really been fantastic this week.

20th Kirkcaldy Guides handed in donations to their local library – thanks to you all!

And look how much they donated! Amazing!

Balwearie High School have also joined the campaign – read all about it in the Fife Free Press this week – what a generous bunch of staff and young people. And they even helped me carry the bags to my car!

New supporters

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to:

Staff at Lynburn Primary who are collecting for the campaign

The Lang Town Joggers group who have also pledged their support

NHS Staff at Mayfield Assessment and Treatment Ward, Lynbank Hospital for donating toiletries instead of doing a Secret Santa this year

And NHS staff at the Dialysis Unit, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy who are also collecting

Kings supporting Queens

This week, Kingsgate Shopping centre, Dunfermline joined the campaign which is amazing news and one of the businesses in the centre, Pancake Place also collected donations too.

Here’s Tracey’s video after she picked up donations there as well as the Loch’s cafe in Townhill this week – unbelievable.

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