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I’ve thinking about it for weeks…it’s been on my mind and starting to wear me down.

What’s bugging me? Well, the fact that I feel like I’ve “let myself go” a bit.

Before the summer holidays I was going to several gym classes a week, swimming and walking.

I was loving my yoga and my mindset was spot on.

Then, I don’t really know what happened, but slowly bad habits started to creep in.

Chocolate or nachos in front of the TV, a gin or wine in the back garden, skipping classes and eventually cancelling my gym membership…it didn’t happen overnight.

Then the signs start coming thick and fast. Feeling sluggish, squeezing into clothes that were once fine, starting to depend on sugar for energy.

It’s happened. So now I’m taking back control. And, me being me, have decided to blog about it!

I’ve joined up with Trinity Transformations and am starting their Fit over 40 programme. And you can follow my progress as I embark on a 12 week journey to feeling good.

Start as you mean to go on

Week 1 – I play a fun game of hunt the tape measure. Where the hell is it? Probably hiding in a dark corner for fear of being eaten.

I eventually find it and have to Google where my waist is because as part of the process, I have to take measurements and take my “before” pics. Embarrassed by my lack of matching underwear, I opt for putting on my bikini.

The bikini I haven’t worn in about 5 years and is now groaning at the seams.

After several attempts to find a flattering angle and lighting – turns out that would be with the camera pointing away from me in complete darkness – I manage to take the shots.

I look and feel miserable.

Nobody will ever see the pics EVER. Apart from poor Rob my trainer. I pity him in that moment!

Work it

So after the traumatic swimwear photoshoot, learning about the workouts and nutrition doesn’t seem like such a task. Every cloud eh?

This week I have to aim for 3 kettlebell workouts and to complete a cupboard cleanse.

I’m loving the workouts – all are included in the programme and come in the form of videos to do when and where you want. I managed to do my first one with my wee boy in the house playing away with his toys. No more trying to fit in gym classes!

Full explanations of each exercise are given and afterwards I feel a real buzz.

The cupboard cleanse is a different story however. Rob advises I have to clear our all the junk food ahead of next week’s WADS blitz – cutting out Wheat Alcohol, Diary and Sugar from my diet for a fortnight.

I almost weep when I have to consider throwing away food and make peace by using the remaining bags of Doritos I discover to make nachos and have a chocolate bar as a last “treat”

I’m probably going to be the only person in the history of Trinity who puts on weight – but how the hell am I going to cope with no sugar, no pasta, and crucially – no alcohol – find out soon!

Cara x


  1. Good luck Cara. No sugar no pasta….u can do it. I did go read about it. Will be good to follow your progress.

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