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Bee a writer

Bee Parkinson- Cameron is a Kirkcaldy writer, playwright, and founder of her own theatrical organisation.

I was interested to know a bit about where that talent for words began – and here’s her story, in her own words.

Starting out

I have been writing for many years.

I remember distinctly coming home and writing out my stories on my dad’s old computer (Microsoft 98) while listening to the Disney greatest hits album. It was 2005.

I never once thought that the very story I was writing would be my first theatrical production and that it would prompt the formation of my own theatrical organisation, Left Behind Productions. 

The next stage

Fast forward 12 years, the computer is gone and the Disney album is gone but the story still remains and, after successfully crowdfunding, the story debuts on the stage at the Adam Smith Theatre.

After our success, I took a small break and began to work on another piece, a bigger piece that would touch on some of my own personal experiences and hopefully raise awareness of the devastating impact of domestic abuse.

The Journey Home

When I finished writing ‘The Journey Home’ I didn’t fully realise the strength of what I had written. The play itself touched many people’s lives and meant a lot to our audience members who came to see it.

When we closed the curtain, we had hoped we would get the opportunity to perform again but our finances were a little tight and so that seemed to be the end of it.

Then, I received an email from Voluntary Arts telling me that we had been shortlisted for the Epic Awards Scottish Award and the People’s Choice Award for the UK.

I discovered quickly that we were the only Fife group shortlisted, the only theatre group shortlisted in Scotland and the only UK group shortlisted for our work raising awareness of domestic abuse. 

A queen at the Kings

My next project is to give other local writers and performers a chance to perform their work with a weekly open mic night at the King’s Live Lounge in Kirkcaldy.

I’d love to hear from anyone who would like to take part and for those who are maybe a little nervous, I’m happy to meet before the event and give some hints and tips as a director to help improve someone’s confidence in themselves and the performance of their work.

Our doors are open to performers and audience members alike and these will be fantastic nights with a variety of different performances across different genres and styles of writing.

For more information contact me through Facebook.

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