Fife Women Rock 2019

What a night!

Well, as night’s out go I think the first every Fife Women Rock awards is in my all time top 3!

It was a night full of love, positivity and support and the atmosphere couldn’t have been any better.

It’s been a really crazy and exciting experience organising these awards and we couldn’t have done it without all the help and support we’ve had.

Annie and I decided to organise the awards to give everyday, hard working women a chance to be recognised. To give them a chance to celebrate the success they and others have achieved.

We were just two women running our own businesses who decided to collaborate and early on we knew we wanted to call the event Fife Women Rock. It summed up what we wanted to achieve and our vision perfectly.

We had no experience of organising such a big event, we had no budget but we had big ideas.

In four months we made it happen.

Nearly 1500 nominations, a sold-out 100 ticket event, amazing finalists and 7 outstanding winners.

Sponsorship and support from local business, promotion and a crazy social media buzz helped us make this happen.

Fife Women Rock 2019 is just the start. Look at what we can achieve when we come together and spread positivity, confidence, self-belief and kindness.

What’s next? I don’t quite yet know but there’s no way I’m going to let what happened on Thursday be forgotten because it was quite simply a magical night.

I want to thank all the judges, event sponsors, everyone who has given their time and expertise including our friends at the wonderful Harbour View in Kinghorn.

The awards were a glowing example of what we can all achieve together when we have a strong community.

Have a look at our event partners, our roll of honour and our finalists too as well as the pics from the night in our awards night story and guest album.

And…long live the Queendom,


Cara xxx

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