Fife Women Rock 2019

Roll of honour

When the idea for the awards came about I, along with fellow organiser Annie Crow from Confidence With Annie, never dreamed it would attract such a huge number of nominations.

In just a month or so, we received nearly 1500 – which was more than we’d ever dreamed we’d get in our first year!

The have a shortlist of nominees who have become our finalists has been well publicised, but it’s important to recognise each and every one of you who was nominated.

So here it is – every single person or business who received a nomination (in some cases many more than one!).

You all deserve this shout out – well done to everyone and thank you so much to those of you who took the time to nominate someone.

And just to say that the spellings of the names were as we received them in nomination emails – so apologies for any mis-spellings!

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