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First violin

I am always in awe of anyone who has the ability to make and create anything. I’ve always been a bit handless when it comes to that sort of thing.

To be able to have the patience and the dedication required is something that I hugely admire and aspire to.

And as a cellist, I am fascinated by the intricate process of creating and building an instrument.

It was my absolute pleasure to visit Fife’s only female violin maker, Caroline Campbell at her workshop in Springfield and find out more about her work.

Caroline, who is a mother and grandmother, decided 10 years ago to pursue something she had always wanted to do – train to design and build violins.

“I trained in Newark on Trent with John Gosling and Narelle Freeman and it was an intensive 6 months of learning. 

“When I completed it, I set up my workshop and began. My children were grown up and it felt like the right time.”

The journey to build a violin is a complicated and challenging one. From selecting the correct wood, to carving each individual piece by hand, each stage in the process is its own journey.

Caroline puts such care and attention into each and every part and it shows.

I was captivated by her violins, each with their own beautifully carved neck and scroll to resemble a fictional character.

She gives each one a name, each one has its own personality, character and sound. 

They are works of art.

Modestly Caroline told me: “I’ve sold my work to people of different ages and it’s great to see them enjoying playing the violins I make.

“But for me, just doing something really well is enough.” 

Her latest violin is called Speranza – meaning hope – because Caroline says:

“The world needs more of that at the moment.”

For more information on Caroline’s work go to her Facebook page.

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