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Menopause matters

As life stages go, menopause isn’t one that’s talked about enough. But every one of us Queens will go through it at some stage.

What happens when it appears in your 40s and it leave you feeling all alone, isolated and in some cases terrified of what’s happening to your body?

Well, often not much. That feeling of being invisible, of not knowing who to turn to must be awful.

Because sadly, many women have to deal with the mental and physical effects alone without having peer support of other ladies in the same boat.

Light in dark times

I know that sounds a bit dark, but the good news is there’s a wonderful ray of sunshine bringing light for local ladies. And her name is Kirsty Strachan.

Kirsty, who owns and runs the Kirkcaldy café Kangus with her husband Tony, has set up Fife’s first Menopause Café at the venue.

She explained, her own experience drove her to want to talk to and support other women.

“I was 42 when I started going through early menopause – I didn’t understand what was going on with my body.

“My mental health was affected and the physical symptoms were so bad I was rushed to hospital because I thought one night I was having a heart attack.

“It’s hard going through the low moods, the emotions and thing like night sweats without having other women who understand.

“So I heard about a similar café in Perth and thought, I need to do that here. 

A chance to connect

“The Café will be held once a month and it’s a chance for women who are going through menopause a chance to get together, chat and share what’s going on for them. Just an informal get together really.

“At the first café, we had a mindfulness and breathing taster for those who came along because I know how much that’s helped me.

“But more than that, I just wanted women like me to know that they are being heard and that they are supported.”

The next Menopause cafe will be held at the venue on Friday 27th September.

Check out Kangus on Instagram and Facebook for other news and events.

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