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A day in the life with Annie

When I first met Annie Crow, the first thing that struck me was her confidence.

For me, confidence hasn’t always come naturally as for a long time I associated it with a fear of seaming cocky. That’s not true.

As I’ve grown to get to know Annie – who runs the Confidence with Annie coaching business – she’s taught me confidence is something that’s vital, not just for us, but for the effect it has on others in our lives.

And it turns out her confidence and the methods she uses are infectious because she’s helped me with my self-belief and given me the tools to build my business.

I asked her what a day in her life looks like…and how she injects confidence into everything she does. Here’s her Day in the Life.

Living a confident life

As well as running the Confidence with Annie coaching business I am also Mums In Business Association (MIBA) co-ordinator for Fife, Dundee and now Edinburgh and a mum to three kids. 

So, a normal day involves anything from dropping kids off or picking them up, walking the dog, volunteering at the Faith, Hope and Charity Shop in Kinghorn as well as helping women across Fife with their confidence issues. Oh, and working to establish the new Fife Women Rock awards with Cara!

It’s a busy life but I love it.

Having the confidence to change

For me, the life changing moment, when I knew I had to do something about my own confidence issues, was as my daughters got older. 

I knew I wanted to help stop the cycle of under-confidence that a lot of women I know suffer from.

My daughters are teenagers now and when I realised my eldest daughter had some of the issues I’d always felt, I knew I had to fix my own insecurities for my sake – and for hers.

I wanted to show them that you can have confidence in yourself at any age.

Turning 40 was also a major milestone – I realised that nobody else’s opinion of me has ever had an effect on my life, so made the conscious decision to stop worry about it and giving it so much of my attention.

How I got confident

I did a lot of work! From reading and researching, speaking to people, building myself and my confidence up and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I did things I wouldn’t normally do. Everything from swimming in the sea to walking a catwalk in just my underwear!

In that way, when the negative voice came in and told me I couldn’t or I wasn’t good enough, I was able to address it and drown it out.

It worked! And then I knew if I could do it, I could share my journey with other women to inspire and empower them to make a change in their own lives.

How do we start?

You have to be ready to work. You have to be committed to change, but you also have to realise change is possible. It starts with you.

This isn’t something someone else can give you – I can show you the tools but you have to be prepared to use them EVERY day. 

Even on the days when you’re busy, even on the days when you don’t feel like it.

My job as a confidence coach is to teach you the tools you will use to change your life. But the power is within you.

In that way you’re changing for life, not just the short term. 

I will help you building yourself up so you can own your awesome.

Do you want to get Confidence with Annie and own your awesome? Get in touch with her on her Facebook page.

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