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What my podcast taught me

Lisa May Young is a Kirkcaldy author who has taken a leap of faith into the world of podcasting.

Using her talent for a good story, she’s put down the pen and instead started to interview many interesting local people for the podcast, entitled Holding the Space.

As a fellow creative who has dived into new waters, I was interested to know how Lisa felt about the change of medium.

To explain what it’s taught her, she’s kindly written a blog for me. Here is her story, in her own words.

Three years ago, I wrote a letter to myself. 

In 2019, my creative life has evolved from publishing written blogs to the nouveau world of podcasting.  And lately, it’s made me think about the letter I wrote to my 18-year-old self.  

Given the changes in life, career and perspective, I wondered what I would have said to myself at the beginning of this year? Let’s find out. 

Dear me…

It’s a whisper of an idea, give it a chance. 

The possibilities are exciting, trust the feeling.

Use your yellow writing pad, write a list and focus on one task at a time. 

I know you want to research microphones for another month, enough already.

Technology can be mastered, it’s a button, don’t freak out. 

I know you want to do ten projects at once, however, focusing on two is best. 

Learn to rest, not to quit. 

It’s okay to Netflix and chill, in fact, it’s necessary.

The conversation, coincidences and connections, trust them.

It’s okay to say Mmm Hmm a lot for the first few podcasts you’re learning all the time.  

Holding the Space is about the person. It’s their gig, not yours. 

The moment when they relax, blossom and be themselves. It’s pure magic. 

Say yes to opportunity and work out the details later

When the ideas come in, write them down. 

It’ll all happen at the right time. 

Trust the process.  Always. 

You’re going to be fine, in fact, you’re going to be more than fine.

 Look after yourself, I’ll see you in August.


You can learn more about Lisa at www.iamlisamay.co.uk and find her on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

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