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Putting dance into finance

Don’t talk to me about money!

It’s a phrase we often use isn’t it? Sorting out our financial affairs is a rainy day job that sometimes doesn’t ever get done, am I right?

But as the Queendom found out, getting your finances in check doesn’t have to be boring and isn’t something you should wait to do.

I’m too busy

We live in a busy world. 

I don’t know about you, but I find it’s difficult enough to balance my life, never mind my bank accounts and my financial affairs! 

And if you’re like me, you perhaps feel like the “money stuff” is something boring or non-urgent that can be left until a rainy day.

It feels dull, dull, dull

Maybe you don’t know who can help or don’t want to be bothered talking to another boring suit who is trying to give you the hard sell?

The thing is, life can change in an instant and we are all just an accident, illness or life change away from being thrown into financial stress and uncertainty.

What if?

How would you pay the mortgage if you fell ill? How would you cope financially if you divorced or separated?

I know that sounds a bit doom and gloom, but I tell you something, there’s nothing boring about the drama that life can throw your way.

Here’s the good news. I’ve found a Queen of Business who is just waiting to help you.

And let me tell you, there’s nothing boring about Lorraine Brown!

Fabulous finance Queen Lorraine is a professional financial advisor who specialises in helping women wade through the complicated world of insurance, protection, mortgages, pensions and savings.

If you think finance is boring, you haven’t met Lorraine! 

She has over 30 years experience in the financial industry.

Lorraine isn’t interested in the hard sell, but about being understanding your life and making sure advice is tailored to you.

And she has a life as colourful as a rainbow.

Lorraine said: “I’ve brought up 3 children as a single mum and am now a gran as well so can empathise with busy mums. 

“I also offer new clients a free consultation at home or locally to suit you.”

“In addition, I’m also a radio DJ, a line dancing teacher, a dance choreographer, CEO of Kingdom Theatre Company and enjoys arranging and hosting charity events!”

So as well as teaching you the steps to the cha cha, she will teach you the steps to sort out your financial affairs and possibly save you money too!

Give her a call on 07853955249. It’s time to bring the dance into your finance.

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