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Mindset for millennials

How many times have you read recently that life is “easy” for the younger generation?

Well, I disagree. Modern life, a reliance on social media and the growing need to live online is causing some millennials mental health issues.

Now, it would be easy to give them advice, but how often did you listen to the older generation when you were young? So I went on the hunt for a mindset coach who specialises in helping young women her own age, and came across Monja Meyer, an Instagram, sensation in the making.

Here’s her top tips in her own words.

Change your Mind to change your Life

The Power of Belief

What if I told you all the tools you need to create your best life are already there. They are within you right now. Your beliefs.

The concept of mindset seems foreign to many of us. Trust me I’ve been there.

I used to say: “Yeh whatever. I’m just like that. That’s who I am.”

I felt life was happening TO me instead of me being in control of it.

I’ve realised something important though: Everything I believe about myself is just… a belief. It’s not the truth.

There is not one truth. What I believe to be true is just what I decided to be true. Making a decision whether something is true or not often happens a long time ago and it shapes the way we perceive ourselves and the world.

During childhood our belief system is formed. What grown-ups tell us to be true we take at face value.

Years later we never question those early stories.

If you have an empowering belief that gets you places then that’s fantastic, but unfortunately many of us believe very disempowering things.

Things that make us feel inadequate and frustrated.

I always believed “I won’t and can’t have my own business.”

That belief decided how I perceived my own abilities.

It narrowed down opportunities, it created boundaries of what I can and can’t do.

It determined how I saw my future. It made me take action that would only conform to that particular belief system For example I only applied for jobs that were within the abilities I believed to have.

In my mind that was what I “just did”

Switch it up

Instead of saying I can’t – entertain the possibility and say – Maybe I could. Your brain will get to work instead of closing that door for you.

It starts creating further questions.

I asked – How could I start? Just by entertaining the possibility of a scenario you create wider opportunities for yourself that may otherwise be hidden from you.

Our mindset is so powerful that if you learn how to use it to your advantage you can create amazing things for yourself.  

A thought creates a feeling, a feeling creates an action, an action creates a result.

Our thoughts create our reality

Isn’t that mind blowing? No pun intended here!

For more from Monja, follow her on Instagram.

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