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Being in constant pain is no joke.

Debilitating, all consuming and exhausting, it can take over your whole life.

Because many of you out there suffer from chronic pain, the Queendom reached out to Susan Murray about the treatment she offers called Mickel Therapy, to ask more.

Susan is a fully qualified Mickel Therapy Practitioner who treats clients face to face in Glasgow but also worldwide via Skype.

The mind-body connection

Susan explained Mickel Therapy can be used to treat a range of conditions.

“It’s is a mind-body, talking-based approach to recovery from conditions such as ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

“It’s also used to treat other conditions such as IBS, anxiety, depression and stress, and was developed in 1999 by Scottish GP Dr David Mickel.”

Hypothalamus overdrive

The therapy is based on the theory that the Hypothalamus gland in the brain – which normally regulates everything in the body – can go into overdrive, activating “fight or flight” mode and creating a wide range of symptoms. 

It is thought this happens due to a build up of suppressed emotions, as a way of drawing attention to them so we can deal with them in a way that makes us feel emotionally safe.

Learning to listen to your body

The therapy gives guidance and support and the tools to listen to your body and deal with emotions before they become symptoms.

These become skills for life.

Susan added: “I’m incredibly passionate about my work, in fact I’d describe it as my dream job.

“The Therapy has had so much success in helping clients recover I offer a free discovery session to explain the theory and approach and offer a money back guarantee on my courses.”

Find out more

Get in touch with Susan for more info about Mickel Therapy, or to book in for a free Discovery Sessions by visiting her website.

You can also follow her on Facebook or email her directly at susanmurray.mickeltherapy@gmail.com

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