Queens of Kindness

Getting fit and fundraising

What happens when two best friends team up to get Fifers fit and have fun?

Well, Lesley and Diane from ScottFit are finding out – and raising money for worthy causes along the way.

Read their story below about how they are using exercise to help boost wellness and raise awareness about mental health, written by Diane.

We set up ScottFit after I lost my twin brother Scott.

We want to remember his determination of life by creating a company that had the same determination. We are best friends and use this determination together to make the company stronger and inclusive for everyone.

As well as a full timetable of fitness classes and events, we also raise money for charity, this year SAMH.

We choose to support SAMH as we have both suffered from mental health issues over many years and know that being physically and mentally active can alleviate negative thoughts and feelings.

Supporting SamH to help individuals cope with their difficulties with mental health and feel inclusive within our classes is something we feel strongly about.

ScottFit are one of many organisations that are part of SAMH mental health charter for physical activity and sport, helping to remove the stigma of mental health issues.

The connection between exercise and mental wellness has been proven over the last few years through research carried out by sport, physical activity and sports psychologists.

Have you ever had a wee dance listening to music around the house while hoovering? how did that feel?

Our bodies do what relieves tension from physical to mental tension, our bodies are pretty clever if we only take the time to just listen to them. When you’re angry and you count to ten to calm your mind and breathe deeply to relieve tension, it’s the same thing.

Our favourite things about teaching is to enable everyone from every walk of life to feel happy, healthy and keep active, but most importantly to watch individuals become more body aware and look after themselves more effectively and to become confident in themselves.

ScottFit has a Facebook page which is updated all the time with class and event schedules. Information on what the classes provide is also available on ScottFit’s website 


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