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Drinks with Jude

Who doesn’t like a cocktail? Come on ladies, we’ve all got our favourite.

The Queendom’s favs include a Cosmo or a an Espresso Martini, but it’s hard not to get a bit fed up with the run-of-the-mill isn’t it?

Fear not, we’ve enlisted the help of cocktail expert and Instagram influencer Jude from @drinks_with_jude to spill – not her drink of course, but her own cocktail creations, just for you!

Jude knows a thing or two about this subject. For the past year she has shaken many an old and new creation sharing them with her 1400 followers on Instagram. 

Queen of cocktails

I absolutely love mixing old and new cocktails.

My passion for cocktails started 18 months ago when a close friend hosted a cocktail party.

The girls at our now cocktail club loved my additions and straight after I started my Instagram page.

We’ve been hosting cocktail club get togethers every few months since then. 

It’s great fun hosting your own party, is a cheap night in and so much fun creating your own mix (I get to test my new recipes out on them too).

Love for local

Through my page I’ve also linked up with a couple of local distilleries to create cocktails with them.

Lundin Distilling in Fife who make the fab Gorse gin and Old Poison in Edinburgh who distill Selkie gin.

I’ve also been gifted samples from retailers to play with.

It’s taken a while but the hard work is paying off and it just goes to show what you can achieve if you put love and effort into your passion.

Pour us a drink Jude

I’ve created loads of recipes over the last year but here are some that are a little different from your Pina Coladas or Mojitos;


60ml of Eden Mill raspberry, vanilla and meringue gin liqueur

40ml single cream

20ml ginger syrup

5 raspberries muddled in (strain to remove parts)


30ml St Germain

50ml Bacardi white rum

Juice of one lime

20ml Fentimans ltd raspberry syrup

And finally one I made for a fellow Instagrammer, Tammy from Kent


5 raspberries muddled

80ml Curious apple cider (any good cider will be perfect)

80ml Pear juice

20ml Ginger syrup

20ml Lundin Distilling Gorse gin

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