Queens of Business

By Pinky

Being a Queen of Business isn’t easy. And sometimes our inner critic – that negative voice inside your head – makes it more difficult to get ahead and build your business.

The Queendom spoke to Pinky, women’s life and business coach, to ask her how she’s used her own experiences to transform her life and help others do the same.

Like many of you I started off life quite well, despite being told I was shy yet intelligent, I knew my parents loved me and were proud of me.

Somewhere in my teens I become insecure, self-conscious and lacking in confidence. 

I went to university and read Optometry. Then I met someone and I was married for 5 years in my 20s in which time I built a house, bought a business and had a son.

I divorced my abusive husband 2 weeks after my son was born and became a single parent, moved house several times in 1 year with my then 1 year old, which was a very difficult time for me.

Life had slapped me on my face – hard, which broke me and then I had to pick up the pieces.

I lost all of my confidence and my identity after giving birth and going through my divorce.

I was scared and I felt betrayed and lonely. I decided to move to Edinburgh when my son was 18 months old because I wanted to start a new, happy life for us.

So, I found a job, moved flats 3 times in 1 year, had no friends or family to help or support us up here in Edinburgh.

I remember it clearly as the darkest, loneliest and scariest times of my life. However, I learned so much from it, about myself and life in general. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect.

I am not that person now. Some of you may know those feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence through fear.

Fear can be debilitating. At that time, I felt I was the only one who was going through this which made it worse.

I think all mums go through this feeling of lack of confidence and feeling alone at some stage. Which is why I am passionate about helping mums who have been through a time where they have lost their confidence and lost their true authentic selves along their way.  

It is odd to look back at the person I was then because it’s like I was a different person. I can’t even the recognise the person I was. Having gone from feeling like I was never enough to being more than happy with who I am. It is an amazing feeling which why I want that for every single one of you. 

My reason for helping other parents (especially mums) with my mindset consulting comes down to how lonely and under confident I felt when I started my entrepreneurial journey and how difficult it is being a mum, chef, housekeeper, PA, and much more!

I founded WiNE (women in networking Edinburgh) in September 2015, with the main purpose of creating a support network online for women, especially mums who are new to the ‘back to work role’ or entered the ‘entrepreneurial world.’

The monthly face to face meet-ups have been a great success which creates a space to help empower, support and collaborate with ambitious like-minded women.

It is amazing to see so many great women out there raising the bar and killing it!

Combined on Facebook between Edinburgh and Glasgow and the meet-up group, there are more than 2500 inspiring ladies within the groups and growing. Find out more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn @bypinkyg or online.

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