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Abby’s insta tips

Ok, so are you in business but a bit stuck about how to get ahead on Instagram?

Maybe it feels like it’s an uphill battle to know what to do to get yourself and your business noticed.

If in doubt, ask the younger generation what works eh? So the Queendom went to graphic designer and social media star Abby Wallace of Abby Lou Designs to get some top tips. Here’s her guide to getting on the ‘Gram.

Give but not to receive

Always Give Value

Rather than constantly selling, give value to your audience through blog posts, video content, behind the scenes posts and quick tips relating to your business.

This builds trust in your brand and ensures that you are the first name that pops into someones head when they are looking for a product/service or are asked for a recommendation.

The world is visual

Keep it Consistent

Instagam is such a visual platform, so make sure your brand identity is apparant as soon as someone lands on your page.

Keep colours and fonts in line with your branding and keep image style consistent.

For maximum visual impact, rather than reposting quotes from the internet or screenshotting customer reviews from Facebook, create them using your brand colours and fonts in sites such as Canva.

Don’t pretend

Be Authentic

Don’t be afraid to be 100% yourself on social media.

People love to see the person behind the brand and can tell a mile off if you are not being authentic.

Don’t feel that you have to be ultra professional and distant in order to be successful in business.

People buy from people, so let your personality shine!

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