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Katy McKidd Stevenson is from Cupar and is one of the featured artists in the Cupar Arts festival in June.

We asked her about her work and what gives her inspiration for her art and here it is, in her own words.

I am an artist and high school art and design teacher, although most of the time the artist part gets squeezed out by the teaching bit – it is an age-old problem, supporting yourself in a creative life without having to compromise your artistic integrity and freedom.

Teaching has been good for me, giving me the freedom to make art which is personal and offbeat, and not commercial but it leaves me little time to dream.

Holidays and weekends are time to let my mind wander, problem-solve and summon up visions from my sub-conscious.

It is amazing to me how ideas which resonate deeply with me make no sense – this is my sweet spot for creativity – but much later on I see the connections.

For example, my fascination with wasps’ nests and the phrase I heard myself saying “there’s a wasps’ nest in my nesting box.”

At the time it made me imagine a wasps nest in my womb, and all sorts of possibilities to explore, one being that wasps loving oestrogen.

Now I realise the connection to Lipoedema, a condition I suffer from which causes giant fat cells in the body triggered by oestrogen.

The plot thickens.

Other topics in my artistic imaginings are sugar, sleep, domesticity and maternal urges (as in ‘Wash the Baby!’ where a young woman gives a wasp a bath in a plastic tub on her knee, or my 3D piece ‘pram for the baby wasps’.

Often the wasps don’t actually feature in the artwork, but are implied, and act like an invisible catalyst.

The young women who are modelled by my daughters mostly, are getting gradually more expressive their expressions, I like the idea of showing that other people really do exist in a similar way to the viewer.

As well as thinking about the characters of my stories, and portraits of people, I am also very interested in the qualities of the paint, inks and other media, and love colour and textures, and layering an archaeological map of the process of making the work.

Like other artists I can get very consumed so that time seems to stand still or fly by in a kind of dream state. I love it.

You can find out more about Katy and her work on her Facebook page.

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