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The Queendom at the King’s

A revolution of positivity is happening in Kirkcaldy.

The Queendom went behind the scenes of one of the projects which will be a catalyst for change in the Lang Town.

The former ABC cinema in Kirkcaldy will always have a special place in my heart.

It was where I had my first trip to the cinema with a pal when I was a teenager, without an adult tagging along. 

It’s one of those memories that sticks with you.

And for many people, the building will hold similar memories. Seeing a favourite film, going on a first date, the first ever trip to the cinema.

But for nearly two decades, the overriding story of the building has been its decline.

It’s sat unoccupied, unloved and left to decay.

It faded into the background of the town, its former glory days seemingly never to be repeated.

Not anymore. 

After 17 years, two local men decided it was time for change.

Grant Foster and Stephen Barbour, along with growing support and a dedicated board of directors, are going to turn the story around. And in doing that, they’re going to reinvent the building and the town too.

The project to transform the Kings Theatre is something every single person in Kirkcaldy and in Fife needs to get behind.

It’s exciting, ambitious and exactly what our town needs.

The Queendom has already pledged support. 

Now it’s time for you to join the Kings army.

What’s planned?

A carefully planned and phased plan of action will see the YWCA building of the Kings Theatre complex transformed into a pop up venue in the first stage.

Opening this summer, it will house a 100-capacity venue and have its own fully licensed bar, hosting a variety of shows, live music and comedy.

Exciting plans are afoot and talks are ongoing to bring a fantastic line-up to the venue which nobody will want to miss.

No more getting on the train to Edinburgh, the Kings is keeping entertainment in Kirkcaldy.

The pop-up venue will be the forerunner for the larger project and will run for around 2 to 3 years as the other plans develop.

From there, a beautiful multi-use events space is planned within the magnificent ballroom.

It will be a luxurious setting and suitable for a range of events from weddings to conferences.

There’s also a fabulous roof terrace planned too with views over the Forth which will be unrivalled anywhere in the town. 

Then there’s the prestigious theatre, music and arts venue which will become the largest in Fife.

It will boast one of the largest stages in the Kingdom, easily accommodating anything from an orchestra, ballet, opera or contemporary music, to bands and big budget productions.

It will rival anything in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen.

Most exciting is perhaps the ambition for the Kings Theatre to work with Fife College on catering and backstage technical courses.

The Kings will offer a fantastic venue for students to develop, train and gain practical experience and help open doors for them as well as developing the local workforce.

Wow, about time. 

Kirkcaldy needs this and can sustain this. And it will change the story of the town to one of innovation, ambition and success once again.

How you can join the Kings army

  • There’s a variety of ways to help:
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Attend a fundraising event 
  • Support the pop-up venue
  • Or make a donation – big or small

We have the opportunity to take the future of the town into our own hands. This project will be the catalyst for wider regeneration and needs our support.

We can all be a part of this. Like the Kings Live Lounge on Facebook to keep up to date with news of the new pop up venue.

If you are looking to book an event or are part of a band or group and want to get in touch with the Kings email spbevents@yahoo.co.uk

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