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Spring is here…yes, despite the weather, we’re finally in the season of cleaning and decluttering!

And we don’t know about you, but the first on the hit list for us here at the Queendom is our clothes and (whisper it) shoe collection. Are you sick of not being able to see the wood for the trees? Or in our case, the wedge heels for your boot collection?


You’re not alone.

Did you know most people in the UK spend around £1000 a year on clothes but probably only wear 20-30% of them? That’s £800 hanging up or folded away going to waste!

It’s a subject that Kaiza from Simplify Your Closet is passionate about. She offers a range of services, including a Closet Coaching service, so she was the perfect person for The Queendom to ask for advice!

Here’s her top 3 tips for changing up your wardrobe…take a look at our How To videos below!

Stack folding

This is a technique that really works! Stack folding has been popularized by Marie Kondo our favorite Japanese decluttering expert. It is very easy to do, it takes up less space, you see your clothes straight away and it is gentle on the fabrics.

Invest in new hangers

Give your clothes some lovin’.

Get rid of all those mismatched hangers and invest in wooden ones or, if you have a smaller space, slim velvet ones.

They aren’t actually that expensive. The key here is symmetry to make your closet look clean and fresh.

Try colour coordinating

A quick way of organising your wardrobe is to colour coordinate.

By sorting the clothes by colour you will see your items more clearly and they won’t get lost in the mix.

Try organising them by categories first, all dresses together, all jackets, tops etc and coordinate by colour within. Move things around until you are happy with the result.

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