Having your cake

You know that phrase when life gives you lemons you make lemonade?

Well, Queen of Business Louise Baxter is the definition of that phrase.

In fact, instead of making lemonade, she decided to set up a business making delicious cakes when life threw her a curve ball she wasn’t prepared for!

Mum of two Louise, who runs Louise’s Vegan Bakery, is someone who has changed her life by seeing the positive in a stressful situation.

Her son has a serious, potentially fatal, allergy to eggs and dairy, so she’s had no choice but to re-evaluate her entire life.

Imagine as a mother how stressful that would be? To be constantly worried what your child is eating or exposed to every single day and having little or no control over that.

Her son is so allergic that just coming into contact with eggs or dairy could, and has in the past, sent him into shock that requires hospitalisation.

So, to prevent exposure in their own home, Louise took back control and made it her mission to find a way to feed her family delicious, nutritious food.

Her family are all vegan now and Louise prides herself on knowing her children eat well – because she is committed to making the extra effort to ensure their safety.

And when family and friends started to remark how amazing her vegan cakes and bakes were that she whipped up for celebrations and birthdays, it gave her the idea to set up her own business.

And now, she delivers all over the UK and Ireland as well as closer to home. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too?

Check out Louise’s website and Facebook for more information.


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