Carving out your slice of the pie

Don’t you just love it when someone comments on how much they love your jewellery?

Or how about when you put on that special necklace or pair of earrings and it makes you feel really uplifted?

There’s something amazing about finding the right piece to complete a look isn’t there?

Here at The Queendom, we love statement jewellery and the way it can transform your mood and your outfit.

And if you’re looking for something lovingly handmade and stylish on your doorstep, you need to visit one of our Queen’s of Business – Gail Cadogan

Gail designs and sells copper enamel jewellery and homeware from her own shop called My Cherry Pie in Kirkcaldy High Street.

Busy mum of three Gail is creative to the core and was formerly an art therapist before taking time out of her career to focus on her boys.

She started designing and making her jewellery as a creative hobby – her “slice of the pie” as she puts it – but her talent soon turned her pastime into a thriving business.

My Cherry Pie is the perfect place for a thoughtful, beautiful and unique gift for someone in your life or indeed yourself.


IMG_1071You’ll love Gail’s eye for detail, colour and quality as well as her warmth and determination to make every customer’s experience special.

And we can’t think of a better and more talented woman to design our crown.

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